Webhooks are used to communicate changes in an Order or a Credit line. We have available the following webhook events:

Webhook event
credit_line.activateFired when a Credit line is activated
credit_line.deactivateFired when a Credit line is deactivated
credit_line.updatedFired when a Credit line is updated due to: 1) new order placed, 2) new payment made by the Buyer to Kontempo, 3) credit line limit change
order.completedFired when an Order is marked as Completed

How to setup Webhooks?

  1. Go to Developer section in your Merchant Dashboard and click Manage Webhooks button

  1. An svix page will be launched, click on New endpoint button

  1. Set the endpoint URL where you want to be notified — select the Webhook events you want to listen

  1. Click "Create" button and you are all set!

Webhook events payload

In the svix page, please go to Event Catalog section to see details of every Webhook event payload.