Learn about Kontempo's key concepts.

Welcome to the Kontempo API

What is Kontempo?

Kontempo is a tech-company that offers embedded payment and financing solutions for B2B commerce in Latam.

What is KontempoPay?

KontempoPay is Kontempo's BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later) solution for B2B commerce in Latam.

How does KontempoPay work?

Let's begin by defining some terms we will use in these guides:

  • Merchant: the B2B company implementing Kontempo's solution
  • Buyer: a customer of the Merchant
  • Plan: a payment plan configured by the Merchant to be offered to their Buyers

The steps for a Buyer to pay an order with KontempoPay are as follows:

  1. The merchant configures the plans to be offered to the buyers. All of a Merchant's buyers will see these plans.
  2. The merchant shares anonymous transactional data with Kontempo.
  3. Kontempo analyzes the data and informs the Merchant of buyers who are eligible for KontempoPay.
  4. The merchant sends an activation link to eligible buyers.
  5. The buyer fills out the activation form.
  6. Kontempo analyzes the information and approves (or declines) the buyer's request for KontempoPay activation.
  7. Each time KontempoPay is activated (or declined) for a buyer, Kontempo notifies the Merchant.
  8. Once a buyer has been approved, the merchant enables KontempoPay in its system.
  9. When purchasing from the merchant, the buyer can choose KontempoPay as a payment method on the checkout page.
  10. Using a verification code, the buyer logs in and selects a plan.
  11. The buyer approves to pay with KontempoPay.

The following image shows how a Buyer would see KontempoPay on the checkout page (this example uses Kontempo-hosted checkout page integrated via Kontempo JS SDK):


KontempoPay integrated via JS SDK

What’s Next

If you want to have full control of the checkout UI experience, integrate KontempoPay using our API.
If you prefer to implement our Kontempo-hosted checkout page, go to Kontempo JS SDK documentation.